Hemorrhoids aren’t an easy thing to talk about, so most people don’t. Hemorrhoids are one of the most common and troubling conditions of mankind. In fact, nearly one-third of the population has symptomatic hemorrhoids, and this increases to 50 percent after age 50. Over-the-counter suppositories and creams have little more than a placebo effect and offer only temporary relief at best. Many chose to suffer and postpone treatment because of the well-known pain and extensive recovery time associated with a surgical hemorrhoidectomy.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, also known as “piles,” are simply swollen, varicose veins of the lower rectum. Hemorrhoids begin as a small lump inside the rectum, which may bleed or itch. As the hemorrhoids enlarge, they become heavier and, at more advanced stages, will actually prolapse or fall out of the rectum. When this occurs, a painful surgery may be required, which is why timely treatment is so important.

What causes hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids develop when the veins of the rectum stretch and dilate due to increased pressure. This increased pressure can come from straining during bowel movements, being overweight or from pregnancy, strenuous exercise or prolonged sitting. Heredity is also known to play a role.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

The first symptom is often painless rectal bleeding. This blood appears bright red on the toilet paper or stool. Over time, pain, swelling, itching, discharge or protrusion of the hemorrhoids can develop. The longer one goes without treatment, hemorrhoid symptoms can intensify and, in fact, the hemorrhoids may even fall out of the rectum.

Have any new treatments been developed?

To relieve the suffering without the need for painful surgery, Dr. Osorio performs two novel treatments: hemorrhoidlysis and infrared coagulation. These procedures are quick, painless, bloodless and offer excellent and long-lasting results. These nonsurgical treatments are performed in the comfortable surroundings of our office, are about a quarter the cost of hospital surgery and are covered by Medicare and most insurance companies.

What exactly is hemorrhoidlysis and infrared coagulation?

Hemorrhoidlysis incorporates a proven device that applies a safe and painless microcurrent to the base of the hemorrhoid. This method does not burn or cauterize the tissue, but rather causes a chemical reaction that gently dissolves the diseased veins. The treated hemorrhoids then shrink and recede. This is combined with a special topical medication and an oral plant-based nutrient. This powerful synergistic combination eliminates the hemorrhoids and can help prevent them from coming back. Hemorrhoidlysis is an excellent treatment option because it is quick, safe, effective and is virtually problem-free.

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Infrared Coagulation (IRC)
Infrared coagulation (IRC) is a nonsurgical treatment that shrinks smaller hemorrhoids by exposing the tissue to a burst of infrared light. Like hemorrhoidlysis, this method is safe and comfortable, but while hemorrhoidlysis can treat more advanced hemorrhoids, infrared coagulation is used for lesser grade hemorrhoids.

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Both hemorrhoidlysis and infrared coagulation are performed in the office and require no special preparation or anesthesia. Three to five visits are usually required with a different area treated each visit. Treatments take just a few minutes and patients can continue their normal activities immediately after the procedure. Visits are quick and discreet, so there is no reason to be embarrassed any longer with this common condition.

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